@ZySoua Depending on the website you can play with adblock filters to trick them site into showing you the content without ads.

A lot of people don't know that I've noticed.

@ZySoua @liamolua Yes, it can be possible but I usually just tend to leave if I see this. Unless I need this website very very much.

It is a matter of principle and about sending the right feedback. When website owners install these antiadblock systems they should see metrics showing drop of visitors, not more ad views.

I see your point but I've always seen it as a massive fuck you to the website if you can manage to bypass their anti-adblock. I usually tweet the website that I've done it just to prove a point.


For the record, I do not use "ad blockers" ... I use tracker blockers.

Feel free to load up your site with non-targeted, non-steal-my-personal-data-and-browsing-habits ads, and we'll get along just fine.

@ZySoua Sometimes you can bypass the block using your adblocker filter facility or just disabling the execution of javascript

@ZySoua I’m sure the website is crushed someone they’re not making money off of left
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