@pelican3301 fyi Shitbook and Tripper don't much matter to people around here

@djsumdog @pelican3301 @ZySoua

CW Blackpill: Some of the people that left older platforms were concerned that not enough though policing was built into the medium itself. What is mastodon's relationship with eunomia or similar, for example. I hope anti-trust has enough legs to make this a headache, but I doubt you will actually have a fair shake handed to you, and some of these issues are going to be replicated in netsplits here on fedi. Think of how annoying it is to get even reports across. "Sorry, we pretend these instances don't exist, because of community standards."

@ZySoua Very elegant.... I am really impressed, my waterdrops would have stopped at Level 1 😅

@ZySoua @sheogorath pretty sure the explanation of step 3 is a different one (less light arriving there because of doffraction), but the result is nonetheless stunning!

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