@ZySoua My dyslexic ass: Wait aragorn and aragon aren't the same.

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@ZySoua There is a headline "Reference Guide". Below there is a matrix of 3 rows and 4 columns with subtitled images of 12 subjects, listed here as if read (row by row, starting top left): Aragorn (some person with long hair and beird, maybe from some fantasy novel?), Eragon (a dragon from the fantasy trilogy named "Eragon"), Argon (the chemical element), Aragon (part of spain), Aragog (more fantasy???), Oregon (the US state, pic shows some lake with a city next to),

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@ZySoua Oregano (the spice), Argonian (the pic shows a head that seems like a mix if reptiloid and goose - probably more fantasy stuff I don't know???), Aragonite (some crystal, maybe red or brownish color, looks cool), Argonath (a small water way between steep cliffs that reach above the land behind them, they might be inhabited but I don't know all this fantasy stuff???), Argonaut (some animal with similarities with a squd, I think),

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@ZySoua and the last one Organite (looks like some depiction of a cell but my search results are inconclusive...)
So in summary 12 very different meanings of words that sound somewhat alike

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@ZySoua A referene guide of a bunch of captioned pictures, each labeled something with the letters R, G, and N in it somewhere and all easily confused if you're not looking too closely.

Aragorn, Eragon, Argon, Aragon, Aragog, Oregon, Oregano, Argonian, Aragonite, Argonath, Argonaut, Organite.

(I seriously hope I didn't typog any of that.)

That's Saphira, not her rider Eragon.

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