@ZySoua On all links nothing but NAME IS STOLEN REEE. Facebook are retards, but wtf

@solexid Yeah, I already am looking also and some people also pointed out that there are no existence of Metacompany from before. Which is a bit suspicious.

@Inginsub Sameway as corporations trademark a lot of things - with money and lawyers

@ZySoua I see some irony in them advertising their Facebook presence on their letterhead.

@BalooUriza @ZySoua Right!? My question is, what does their company actually do? :/

@Angle @BalooUriza If you look all the comments, you'll see there is a link to company trademark. They are Research and Design

@ZySoua @BalooUriza Alright, gotcha. Damn small internet presence, though. :/

@ZySoua honestly doubt if this is real, canćt find any presence of that company anywhere prior to november.

that being said, i would like to take this opportunity to say, fuck facebook anyways.
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