Please, everyone, check virus database and control that your instances are not in there, because seems SOMEONE is adding mastodon and Fediverse instances into a black list of virus database - first for me it was, today it reacted onto and


@shuro IIRC (Please, correct me if I am wrong) There are databases for viruses that anti-virus software use to check on and see if there is anything new added. People themselves contribute to databases also. I use Malwarebytes and now it has been 3 times already that it reacted onto Mastodon instances. @stux did say that there was a false positive in his instance case. I didn't exactly ask what databases he checked

@ZySoua @stux I see. It is PITA to monitor these detections because many of these lists are closed and there isn't clear procedure to check and request removal.

Some of these detections are false, some can be warranted - sometimes malware can really be present, e.g. some file attached to the post or even web server infected.

@shuro @ZySoua This happened to us also. Currently Hetzner and spamhaus are checking for malware but that doesn’t make sense..

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