Please, everyone, check virus database and control that your instances are not in there, because seems SOMEONE is adding mastodon and Fediverse instances into a black list of virus database - first for me it was, today it reacted onto and

@ZySoua I think it's automated... Here's what I think happens: Malware author uses Mastodon account for C&C. Malware analytics service runs malware and tracks which connections it makes, publishes public report. Mastodon domain / IP is in list of connections, gets picked up by Spamhaus.


@Gargron You still should be aware. This is now started happening more often

@ZySoua I'm just commenting on the "someone" bit. I'm very aware and it's very annoying and as another commenter said it's not very transparent what can be done about this.

@Gargron I wrote "someone" because I have enough suspicions that by now Fediverse has stepped on some major toes already. No specific people, but you get a general idea. Human factor never should be also dismissed. But IT people should know better. Thank you for taking notice

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