Please, everyone, check virus database and control that your instances are not in there, because seems SOMEONE is adding mastodon and Fediverse instances into a black list of virus database - first for me it was, today it reacted onto and

@Hyolobrika @ZySoua haha yeah. But we weren’t added as a fedi instance. We got a listed IP after a server migration.

I notified malwarebytes and they promised to take another look. Haven’t heard from them ever since tho :comfyderp:
@Hyolobrika @ZySoua more precisely, there is no someone adding fedi instances. At least, I'm not aware of this.

Malware databases are often poorly maintained and they rarely follow up on sites they listed. So, you could totally end up with a blacklisted IP address when you buy a VPS. Shit happens.

The moral of the story is, don't use antiviruses. They suck a bag of dicks anyway and are a malware in and of themselves :comfygeek:

@newt @Hyolobrika let’s agree to disagree on that last part. Otherwise, hope this whole shit clears up

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