@ZySoua I miss that kind of silly view of the future. All we have nowadays is either an Orwellian dystopia, a zombie apocalypse or a nuclear war.

@th3rdsergeevich @ZySoua I don't think zombies are a plausible real-world apocalypse scenario.

Orwellian dystopia, on the other hand, is already here, and only getting worse. Nuclear war seems very likely, too.

@pixelherodev @ZySoua I was talking mostly about models cultivated by pop culture, literature and movie / gaming industry. And the pessimistic ones seems to be more alluring and profitable.

@th3rdsergeevich @ZySoua Good point.

Worse, the ideas portrayed as *good* and *heroic* today are honestly horrifying.

@pixelherodev @th3rdsergeevich @ZySoua we are all becoming what doctors call "scroll zombies"

Zombies have no regards to the real world, and soon, we wont too

@ZySoua Utterly amusing to see that the author could imagine something like a phone in your pocket* but didn't conceive of the idea of a different ring tone.
*: When I was a kid I long scoffed at the idea of the Star Trek transponders ever becoming reality, because, duh, no electric lead, so how is that gonna work!? Yeah, little did I know.

@Giagia @ZySoua the ring is a gimmie, the comic has to express one thing and so focuses on that. We don't actually know if the author could predict alternate ring tones.

@ZySoua @Giagia "but didn't conceive of the idea of a different ring tone"

The idea of portable telephones blasting actual song recordings from people's pockets was horror too unimaginable for those simpler times.

@shuro @ZySoua @Giagia did they even have recorded music as a consumer-purchasable thing back then?

(but even if the author could speculate on such things i think they were right to keep it as a normal telephone ring just to keep the comic comprehensible)

@carcinopithecus @shuro @ZySoua
Highly likely that the 'Tring tring' was for the purpose of being recognisable. I was struck by the sheer savvy of coming up with a "phone in your pocket" idea in the first place.

@ZySoua joke's on you, prescient cartoonist of yesteryear: we have the technology to silence the infernal ringing.

@MightyOwlbear @ZySoua not to mention texting. But it's a funny cartoon all the same, imagining the future is hard. People often just extend what they perceive to be modern in their time

There's this famous video in french which imagines portable TVs back in 1947. And it really looks like smartphones today. It's funny if you can understand it a bit.


@ZySoua Of course, only men would possess such a device.

@ZySoua This seems to be the reprint version of the comic from 1923, but the original was published in 1919 with the title "The Pocket Telephone: When it will ring" archive.cartoons.ac.uk/Record.

@ZySoua This is way more accurate than it has any right to be considering it’s age.

@ZySoua i'm looking at this and trying to imagine how chill a life would be where this is a reductio ad absurdum 😭

@ZySoua I was kneejerk like "what, did this moron forget that in the future we can mute our electronics"

@ZySoua now i want to read all the other comics in which this prophet predicts the future!

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