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I love strategy games that offer me something more than just tables, numbers, calculations, and dice.

Simple but not simplistic action movies where the action serves not as a mere spectacle but also as a vehicle for character development are pure joy.

Prey is among the best examples of the genre. Somewhere in the top tier along Mad Max: Fury Road.

What a fucking personal shitshow of a week that was. I'm exhausted. But also happy that it's over, and I can lie down, pop up a bottle of cold beer, and finally watch Prey.
Moments like this, you know...

Sorokin getting the bright spotlight in the Western media is the greatest thing that happened to Russian culture. Better late than never!

On the other hand, I understand where he's coming from. The more people work from home, the less unique a famous writer feels himself. And famous writers are exceptionally touchy regarding their uniqueness...

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Malcolm Gladwell being an asshole is the least surprising thing I've learned today.

Trying to drown myself in escapism by playing Banner Saga. There's something comforting in escaping the real world that's hanging in the balance to a fictional world that's hanging in the balance.
At least our sun hasn't stopped still yet.

I'm getting really tired of my best years being stolen by warmongering greedy bastards.

Most of the Russian fantasy and sci-fi of the last couple of decades has been filled with the spirit of revanchism—onanistic stories about the futuristic Soviet Union or Tzarist Great Russia in space. And I mean mainstream popular authors, not only freaks on the fringes.

So no wonder these ghouls now celebrate imperialistic Russian bloodlust. It's not mere opportunism; they genuinely believe Russian atrocities in Ukraine are for the greater good.

It's nice that there's something you may undoubtedly count on in life.
New Zealand white wine for example. Always great!

I love strategy games that offer me something more than just tables, numbers, calculations, and dice.

I'm slowly working on a draft of a bit personal blog post. Reminiscence of playing with tin soldiers back in childhood, a little bit ranting about the importance of the narrative in real-time strategy games, etc.
Just a little innocent blog post.

And then, unexpectedly:


Office meetings are inherently ritualistic. Whether the meeting is online or offline, the most common final consensus is to conduct another meeting.
My schedule is full of follow-ups upon follow-ups for previous follow-ups.
A clusterfuck of indecisiveness.

Starcraft is one of the best RTS ever made. But retrospectively, I think that it has done a disservice to the whole genre by fusing the RTS and multiplayer on the conceptual level.
RTS games are designed and perceived as mainly a multiplayer competitive experience.

And it's tough to be a successful multiplayer competitive RTS in the age of MOBAs, Battle Royale games, and Starcraft 2 itself (which is still alive and kicking) without drastically innovating the genre's basics. It is a risk not many would wish to take.

A great single-player campaign is unfortunately not what people seek in RTS. And I think Starcraft's partly to blame for shaping this approach to the genre.

Anyway, buy Grey Goo! It's good.

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