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✊ On 31 October 2018, 17-year old russian anarchist Mikhail Zhlobitskiy explosed himself in the FSB (federal security service) office.

The attack was caused by the repressions against antifascists and anarchists. They were beaten up, tortured with electric current, and forced to incriminate themselves by confirming they were members of the “Network”.

On 7 November 2018 journalist Svetlana Prokopieva mentioned the bomb attack. After that she was accused of "justification of terrorism". 7 years in prison for a radio chronicle: that is what risks Svetlana Prokopieva.

Here is her speech (rus):

It is a terrible act of censorship. Svetlana Prokopieva is innocent and mustn't be repressed for a peaceful act of freedom of speech.

Please share this information, Svetlana needs help.

FSB is the main terrorist.


Пушкин вырос из русского мата. В условиях гнетующей цензуру свободное русское слово может быть только матерным. И если бы им не была написана «Тень Баркова», не было бы и никакой «Капитанской дочки».
Интересно, каким был бы пятнадцатилетний Пушин сейчас? Возможно, набил бы себе свастон.

#пушкин #мат #свастика

Reminder that coops flourished during the great depression, being one of the few reliable sources of employment, and that credit unions were by and large the only financial institutions to make it through the '08 recession unscathed

Supporting the cooperative economy isn't just some long-term fantasy of slowly weakening capitalism from within until it withers. It's also vital dual power, and it'll be just as vital even if neoliberalism collapses in the next few years (which it very well might)

Support! Your! Local! Coop! Economy!

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Very short science fiction/fantasy stories by O. Westin



Also you can recommend me other pages :)

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Killing the r@apist in an encounter is impunity. This is not justice. Extrajudicial system is a sheer display of overt aggression and dispositioned power.

By killing them in custody, even before the trails could begin, is belittling the life of the victim. This is justice denied.

Look deeply, most are glorifying the masochist, but seems like our sense of judgment, right and wrong is terribly impaired. There is no difference between the r@pist and the police, technically.


My friend has given up smoking
and is suffering from asthma now.
It is quite strange 😕

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How Walking Fosters Creativity: Stanford Researchers Confirm What Philosophers and Writers Have Always Known

Меня отказались записать в библиотеку, потому что у меня нет прописки в городе.

Мол, читай, провинциальный дурачок, со смартфона. 😒

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I have a few big closures this week... and I don't feel much better 😐 

Готовим серию роликов по федиверс, про что можно рассказать кроме очевидных вещей?

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Content from birdsite, may contain sensitive material 

Punk rock did not save my fucking life
but it saved me
It's hard to say

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