✊ On 31 October 2018, 17-year old russian anarchist Mikhail Zhlobitskiy explosed himself in the FSB (federal security service) office.

The attack was caused by the repressions against antifascists and anarchists. They were beaten up, tortured with electric current, and forced to incriminate themselves by confirming they were members of the “Network”.

On 7 November 2018 journalist Svetlana Prokopieva mentioned the bomb attack. After that she was accused of "justification of terrorism". 7 years in prison for a radio chronicle: that is what risks Svetlana Prokopieva.

Here is her speech (rus):

It is a terrible act of censorship. Svetlana Prokopieva is innocent and mustn't be repressed for a peaceful act of freedom of speech.

Please share this information, Svetlana needs help.

FSB is the main terrorist.


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