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Rust будет принят в состав ядра Linux 6.1. Создан Rust-драйвер для Ethernet-чипов Intel

На мероприятии Kernel Maintainers Summit Линус Торвальдс объявил, что, если не всплывут непредвиденные проблемы, патчи для поддержки разработки драйверов на языке Rust будут включены в состав ядра Linux 6.1, релиз которого ожидается в декабре.

Забавный факт: OpenBSD начиная с 3.0 выпускает треки под каждый релиз. Мне понравился трек релиза 4.2. Ещё один повод попробовать опёнка :ablobfoxbongo:. тык

Made a little document reader, felt especially fancy and added annotations.

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What I imagine when people say open hardware, but it's never that.

Надеюсь ты не собираешься стать хакером-разработчиком в ближайшем будущем...

Live-booting #postmarketos on Xiaomi Pocophone F1. If you want to test postmarketOS, you don't need to flash the rootfs. Instead you could boot into the system via netboot, just like a Live USB.

Was a great evening! I had the pleasure to ask questions to @walskaar @lidia_p @fcr and Niek. We talked about the purpose and process behind the publication, the post-digital ambivalence of engaging with so-called retro and low-tech media/tech/practices that are in fact inextricable from contemporary tech/networks, the question of resistance and escapism in such practices, the creative potential of technological constraints and only working with what you have access to, and we started to sketch a discussion around nostalgia and its problematic ties with notions of traditions, imagined communities, nationalism, etc. It was way too short but really demonstrated the value of all the interviews that @floppytotaal arranged in this book.

If you're into #mediaarcheology #retro stuff #permacomputing #conservation #repairculture or the #demoscene (or just have a sweet spot for #floppies) this is a really valuable resource.

Attached a few photos from the evening taken by @fcr with his... Floppy based Sony Mavica FD95

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This saturday I'm at v2_ in Rotterdam with the @floppytotaal team to erase/format/checkdisk/write/eject (with moderation) a discussion around the launch of their publication "Floppy Disk Fever".

Do you have a copy yet? 💾🧲

Full program listing of the two days event: (click on Floppy Disk Fever - 16 & 17.09.22)

maybe #retro maybe #contemporary maybe #permacomputing maybe #postdigital but mostly #floppies

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Русская нода социальной сети "Мастодонт", части Fediverse - всемирной федерации социальных сетей. Зона общения, свободная от рекламы и шпионажа, теперь и в России.