Long-long time ago, when I had right tools and had motivation, I created these things from different stock images and playing with filters in Adobe.
Now I just don't have right tools anymore. If anyone knows a good Adobe PS like tools for Windows that are free, would appreciate.

PS: I don't pretend to be an artist, just like to create images from stuff. Without any profit or cause.

@drq Oh, thanks, Doc. I think Krita may be exactly that I looked for. Nice design and so many tools


It's a part of the @kde desktop environment project, by the way. You should probably try the whole thing sometime.

Doc, I don't need it for a lot of things, just my usual silly art sometimes. Maybe rarely for something serious like these pictures from before. I am not a real artist like many others. Just... tinkering with stuff as a hobby

@ZySoua @drq Also GMIC library is cool, it has plugins for both gimp and krita. btw great pics!

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