pass a law that all discontinued products and services must release their source code imo


@melissasage this was the original intent of the copyright law, believe it or not. Like yeah, you're selling this stuff exclusively for five or seven years and keep the profit, but then, after you've done selling it, you MUST go public, because there's just no societal point it being exclusive and private anymore, but others can learn from it and develop it and push the collective envelope further.

But then Disney fucked it all up.

@drq @melissasage
That's only the official story. In fact originally copyright was institution aimed at filtering everything that is printed with new printing press technology on subject of religious conformance. Later they had an idea to rebrand it as something benefiting society because they could no longer justify religious controls but needed a way to shield publishers that are affiliated with aristocracy from any competition from random ppl. And Hollywood only managed to achieve its position because they had the technology but weren't subject to British anti-competition laws. US adopted copyright only when they became big enough to require protection from competition themselves. So the point is, I don't see a reason to even pretend that copyright ever had a socially beneficial function.
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