Framasoft is running a crowdfunding campaign to make Peertube even more awesome!

They got:

- Global Search across all Peertube constallation, AND the Fediverse in general!
- Better moderation tools!
- Playlist features
- Annotations
- Improvements to the UI/UX!

But wait, THERE'S MORE: They are aiming for LIVESTREAMS, the holy grail of P2P video hosting!

If you have anything to spare, please donate to the project here:

Let's do it, folks!

To anybody wondering, what's the deal with the Livestreams is, here's the thing:

It's generally accepted as _impossible_ to distribute live, mutable data (like video or audio streams) over p2p networks like BitTorrent. Nobody has really ever done this.


It's real, live innovation, that implies a lot of further exciting and fun developments. And this will happen here, on the Fediverse!

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> No torrenting, no fun

What do you mean? It uses BitTorrent to show videos.

@drq you mean it releases magnet or torrentfiles you can use with your favorite client? As far I see, is webtorrent only.

Maybe I got it wrong?

@drq @Chocobozzz
> It's generally accepted as _impossible_ to distribute live, mutable data (like video or audio streams) over p2p networks like BitTorrent

WAT? What about Skype, Tox and other voice/video P2P chats or you're talking exactly about BitTorrent protocol?

@skobkin Skype's been not p2p for a long time, and chats are another problem entirely. p2p chats generally don't involve more than two peers for any given chat.

@drq P2P MUC was implemented at least in OLD Skype AFAIR. Not sure about Tox because I had so few contacts there to test MUC video conference.

But I also know that WebRTC (Jitsi uses it AFAIK) allows you to use MUC with video.

So I'm note sure where you taking that "impossible" from. But still it's a good news because we need a good service for free streaming.

I tested Open Streaming Platform and it works good but it's has bad UX and poorly optimized. It requires 4GB of RAM to only start it without really streaming anything.

@skobkin @drq @Chocobozzz

Disclaimer: I love PeerTube and am *genuinely excited* to hear about it bringing live streaming! :blobcatsurprised:

That being said I don't remember P2P streaming ever being an impossibility, given it was already done before. Here's P2P-Next:

BitTorrent also worked on a similar service in 2011 called BitTorrent Live. It ended up being a commercial product that got shut down, but it existed. Here's an interview:

So clearly not the first, BUT - a FOSS solution that's actually available? Yes plz :blobowo:

@polychrome @skobkin @drq FYI we won't use webtorrent for livestreams, but that we already use in the HLS player

@skobkin @drq @Chocobozzz

I suspect you are confusing the DHT with the torrent protocol itself.

Sure using DHT for P2P you can address whatever.

But , about bittorrent, once the content is hashed, this is the hash,and this is how you reach the content. This hash.

So mutable content is hard to deliver with BT protocol.

@loweel @drq @Chocobozzz I am not. Did you read my first message in this thread? I asked if it's about P2P or exactly BitTorrent.
If you're not bound to BT, P2P streaming shouldn't be impossible and were implemented multiple times.

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