Hi everyone, I'm off the grind, and that also means I'm off the dole. I'm running out of money, and I'm looking for a job.

If anyone needs a sysadmin with 6 years of professional and 18 years of hobbyist experience, please send me a DM.

My toolset includes (but is not limited to) the following:

- Nginx
- Caddy
- MySQL / MariaDB
- Proxmox VE
- OpenVPN
- BIND (named)
- PowerDNS
- Postfix
- Exim4
- Dovecot
- 3proxy
- HAproxy
- Quagga/Bird (limited, but still)
- Apache
- ejabberd
- Nagios (nrpe, nsca)
- IPtables
- Logrotate
- systemd
- Nextcloud

I'm open to learning new stuff.

Please repost if nothing else!

I can do one-off jobs as well as admin your infrastructure continiously!

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@drq not at the moment but will let you know if I see anything!

@drq I already have! and I posted it on my alt as well (more followers over there)

что то эту соцхрень глючит, не могу отправить личное сообщение...
если есть опыт в кодинге, нужны програмисты не мышкой.

@drq I am in the same boat, so reposting this in the hope it will lead to something for you.

Good luck

Job offer: IT Admin at the German Aerospace Center in Cologne, Germany. Subject Space missions including the ISS. (dm me for translation)

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