#Smithereen update. If a comment gets deleted and there are replies to it, this no longer breaks the thread. In this particular case, instead of deleting the DB row completely, I null most of it but keep id and reply key. And the #ActivityPub object remains fetchable but returns a Tombstone with replies & inReplyTo. Speaking of replies, my posts didn't have that collection for some reason, now they do.

@grishka Fuck yeah, breaking threads is annoying.

Also annoying: not having the edit feature.

@drq I'm going to have edit feature at some point. Having to delete your post and send it again because of a typo is just plain cruel.

Except if I understood Mastodon docs correctly, it doesn't accept Update{Note}.

(I made a typo in this post and had to resend it, how ironic)

@drq @Gargron actually, it's a deliberate omission on Mastodon's side. The reasoning was along the lines of "it's not a good thing if a bunch of people boost something and then the author edits it to mean something else entirely".


@grishka I said it once and will say it again: save the original. Show the diff to those who want to see it. It's that simple.


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