I've just found out that @sylvia_ritter and Paniq from Farbrausch are a family, and they actually worked on some of the demos together (like Masagin, which is one of my all-time favorites, 2D demos rule)

Which is.., Dang, how awesome is that. How the hell did I not know that?

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@drq @paniq did most of the demo. I played only a small part. We are currently working on a game, too :).

@drq Wow, that connection completely missed me. And eerie coincidental a few days ago with Paniq on spotify and contemplating getting a nice puzzle. 😁 Oh, and I did make an upload of Masagin here if that tickles your fancy:
@sylvia_ritter @paniq

Yeah! Turns out, @paniq is also on here! Subscribe to him as well as to @sylvia_ritter!

And, of course, definitely don't forget to buy .the .produkt! It will make you .happy!


@paniq @sylvia_ritter @espen Also, needs its own Mastodon server, change my mind.


> I did make an upload of Masagin here if that tickles your fancy:

MOAR. We need demo video archives like this.

@sylvia_ritter @paniq

Agree. This one is work in progress as you can see. So far I have committed myself to 3 per week which is doable but is always closer than comfortable to the deadline. But thats what it is when you don't command YT/Googles video encoding resources. Oh, and you'll also find ".the .product" and "Rove" in there.

@sylvia_ritter @paniq

@drq Sure, it will most likely be the next one out when I visit Farbrausch's fairly big library of productions again. Though no promise of when 😋

@sylvia_ritter @paniq

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