@drq нихуя не понял и вообще похуй

@ZySoua @drq це все технологии, которые нам крепко облегчили жизнь на линуксе с играми. Прям в километры все упростили.

I believe there are more games available for :tux: Linux then there are for :apple_inc: MacOS

I had about 10 games installed on my laptop, Juggernaut, and 5 of them were running on Steam Proton, thanks to WINE, Vulkan and DXVK. That includes GTA5 online. Yeap, I played online for hours on :solus: Solus and didn't get banned.

Btw, I don't have :windows: Windows installed on any of my machines.
@drq @ZySoua

@socjuswiz No, I'm saying there's a fuckton of improvements that "Patrick" just ignores.

@drq Confusing use of meme, since it’s all diapers. 😂

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