I'm really glad for AMD 6000 series being awesome as a traditional rasterizer GPU.

But I probably wouldn't buy one. Even if I had the money and an upgrade upcoming.


Because it's AMD's first stab at hardware RTX, and it's the first GPU on a greatly revised RDNA architecture.

I honestly, earnestly believe that raytracing is absolutely the future and the way to go. And I absolutely expect it to gradually phase out rasterization, because the advantages it gives to game and graphics creators are incredible. At last we have the technology to provide actual global illumination and shading.

But - the first draft of everything is almost always shit. A huge performance hit with RTX ON in the reviews seems to indicate that.

Ryzen had a kind of a shaky start as well. And that's okay. In the next generation it pulled ahead, and their current CPUs seem to finally rip Intel apart. But for now, I'll make do with my old faithful RX580.

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