@LemmyDev Hi. What's the status on Lemmy <-> The Rest Of The World federation, if I may?

@drq Ah, so the entire fediverse is currently based around the twitter model of following users. Lemmy is focusing on the reddit / forum model of following communities. Eventually we'll add user following (and other projects may add community following as well), but right now we're focusing on community following.


@LemmyDev Community following and user following are not at all that different when you think about this real hard.

Case in point, @rf. It is an actor on Mastodon, that works like a community group. Somebody who is subscribed mentions it in their first message - the post gets boosted. This way, the @rf feed is basically a catalogue of threads which community takes part in.

This maps very well on a forum/reddit design structure. If Lemmy starts doing the same for everyone else (not only Lemmy itself), it will become the most important piece of the Fediverse ecosystem. Right now it's just the thing in itself, like Diaspora is today.

And nobody deserves to be like Diaspora is today, trust me.

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@LemmyDev So I suggest the next step you take is you pursue interoperability, probably in direct contact with other engine developers. Because:

1) there's very real benefit to have for both Lemmy and the rest of the Fediverse here. The Fediverse needs communities, and currently there's literally nothing that provides this, it's a niche so wide it certainly can be considered a gap or even a rift that should be mended

2) if not, the promise of "the single universe called the Fediverse" on your website are basically meaningless and a little bit misleading, to be honest. I believe, you people can do better than this.


Oh, and I forgot to mention, @rf works with whatever mentions it. It not only works for people from Mastodon, but also Pleroma, Friendica, Misskey, and whatever else. The only real requirement of this model is, support of mentioning and following other actors. That's it. You can mention and follow - you can be a part of the community.

On the Fediverse, I believe, it's important to be inclusive rather than exclusive.

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I made @rf in order to promote the Fediverse in Russia and Russian-speaking countries more effectively by allowing new users to find and meet people that they would follow and become friends, and by allowing the already established members of the community speak their heart and discuss stuff they want (effectively, inviting more new people into the conversations)

It's very basic in function, it lacks a lot of tools, because it is just a prototype. But it has served us well enough to get our community from zero to hundreds of people (mosto of which are not even subscribed to the bot itself - or were subscribed but cancelled the subscription later, because they feel they don't need it anymore).

This principle, I believe should be made a part of Lemmy.

So, I rest my case. Communities on the wider Fediverse CAN and DO work. Now it's just the matter of accepting it and making it official.

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Oh, one more thing. @rf has been around for longer than Lemmy.

It was just transfered to the new server from the one that was closed down by me.

The old account:


Just so you guys get the full picture.

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I'm not an AP developer but I'm seeing how much people/projects are trying to make groups right now in ActivityPub.

To me it looks like we need some kind of cooperation. That's what makes Federation special. Following model doesn't really differ and there are working prototypes, made as quite simple Mastodon bots.

@a1batross Exactly, but if we take this model, and actually make a whole new separate engine out of this or get @LemmyDev to finally coe to their senses (in order for each separate social engine developer to not reinvent the same wheel over and over again), things can get so, SO much more interesting for the whole network!

The Fedi needs a universal standard for groups in order to grow. The level of support by each engine may vary, but the basic functionality MUST be interoperable. This is the only way forward now.

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Well, I tried to federate with Lemmy yesterday, and it didn't work because it expects inReplyTo to be an array.

Other than that, there's a FEP of mine about publicly-appendable collections, a very common construct in groups: git.activitypub.dev/ActivityPu

(I hate this thing about Mastodon, and especially the fact that it eats into your artificial character limit)

@drq If you care about groups (looks like you do:), then a better way to inspire the community might be (and I hate to say this - as I'm not on that forum myself yet..) - join Socialhub! That's where group implementations *are* being born and discussed: socialhub.activitypub.rocks/se That's where cooperation happens (as much as is possible, anyway).

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