Vivaldi browser's reasoning for not releasing it as FOSS.

This is either intentional bullshit, or just a collection of common FUD and misconceptions about being open.

You ABSOLUTELY CAN be free and open-source, while maintaining strict UI guidelines and brand integrity.

Projects like @elementary and @gnome prove the living hell out of it.

And also, Manjaro Cinnamon's decision to make Vivaldi is in my opinion is among the worst ones.

Like it or not, but a browser has already become the centre of computing experience for the vast majority of tasks and vast majority of people. So, using a proprietary browser is almost as bad as using a proprietary operating system.

And of course, people should have the option to use some proprietary pieces of software shall they need or desire that.

But the default, should always* be free and open-source.

* wherever humanly possible. Exceptions may include some real-word limitations like firmware or drivers (Hey, Nvidia. Fuck you.)

@elementary @gnome

*to make Vivaldi the default browser from the get-go

Yeah. I want the edit feature bad.

@elementary @gnome

@drq I read it as "We think our UI is so pretty that we don't want somebody to fork the project and use our UI for their project".

I really dislike when people get all stuck up over a coat of paint.

@gabek UI is not just a coat of paint, but yeah. Being this stingy and fixated is just unreasonable.

If somebody wants bad enough, they will just implement the similar UI with different engine.

And if you're open enough about it, there'd be simply no reason to do so.

I mean hell, this is how GNU/Linux _happened_.

Let go or be dragged.

@drq @gabek
Vivaldi is too much of a niche browser for someone to "steal" it, whatever that means.

I mean, Vivaldi is just that coat of paint. It's lipstick for Google Chrome.
If they feel like they need to protect their product, there's not much else to protect.

@drq @elementary @gnome
I used to use Presto engine based Opera(which vivaldi is resurrection of) long time ago when I was a windows user. But now opensource/free software is more important to me thus my and vivaldi team paths split.

@drq They are simply afraid to lose what they perceive as a competitive advantage (i.e. primarily their UI). Everything else is smoke and mirrors. And while I understand their fears, I can't use it as it is now. And that's coming from someone who used to use the old Opera back in the day :blobcatgiggle:

@drq @elementary @gnome Typical whining. Open Source is great to get - but too costly to give...

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