Vivaldi browser's reasoning for not releasing it as FOSS.

This is either intentional bullshit, or just a collection of common FUD and misconceptions about being open.

You ABSOLUTELY CAN be free and open-source, while maintaining strict UI guidelines and brand integrity.

Projects like @elementary and @gnome prove the living hell out of it.


And also, Manjaro Cinnamon's decision to make Vivaldi is in my opinion is among the worst ones.

Like it or not, but a browser has already become the centre of computing experience for the vast majority of tasks and vast majority of people. So, using a proprietary browser is almost as bad as using a proprietary operating system.

And of course, people should have the option to use some proprietary pieces of software shall they need or desire that.

But the default, should always* be free and open-source.

* wherever humanly possible. Exceptions may include some real-word limitations like firmware or drivers (Hey, Nvidia. Fuck you.)

@elementary @gnome

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*to make Vivaldi the default browser from the get-go

Yeah. I want the edit feature bad.

@elementary @gnome

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