@kensanata This is not from the article, that's my own take.

With inclusion of the emoji the Consortium took on a mathematically impossible task of, basically, including anything that can be drawn into the standard. Because it's basically an infinite set. Which they dedicate real resources to.

Instead of finding and including as of yet excluded writing and typesetting systems, the argument in the consortium is over if they need to include a crylaugh poo emoji or not. This shifts and basically destroys the purpose of the organization.


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@drq @kensanata @aral The emojii are not “whatever you can draw”, but a set of characters for emotional expression and displaying facts — a sign-language that is in active use.

Instead of trying get representation, they could just have rules that when they work on a language they must temporarily *hire* advisors that are native speakers of that language.


> The emojii are not “whatever you can draw”

🏠🚗 ⚽ 🎸🍍 🪚 🌄🎇

@kensanata @aral

@drq @kensanata @aral none of these contradict what I said.

And these are not all emoji. You included misc symbols and pictographs, misc symbols, and transport symbols:

There’s actually not a single emoji in your list.


> And these are not all emoji.
> There’s actually not a single emoji in your list.

@kensanata @aral

@drq @kensanata @aral Those are links to older symbols that got *rebranded* as part of the emoji set. Look at the code-point of the soccer-ball for the obvious example for which you do not have to check the exact table: U+26BD. That is not an emoji.

@ArneBab Doesn't really matter what they're called. They're arbitrary images, and not part of any writing system.

@kensanata @aral

@drq @kensanata @aral First: The code point does matter, because it invalidates the claim of the inclusion of emojii as a turning point.

Second: You could make that claim about the 30.000 Japanese letters — and it would be just as wrong.

Pictographs represent concepts and they are actively used as a writing system, for example on street-signs — and not to forget: In digital communication. Smileys have been in widespread use at least since phpBB. They are part of everyday communication.

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