@stux I saw a podcast recently that was discussing decentralization and I was all excited to listen to it. Then I learned it was about blockchain crap once I started listening to it. I was very disappointed.

@gabek :blobcatgiggle:​ BlockChain could be interesting! If it's not in combo with another coin etc.. There are social networks based on BC's if im correct!


@gabek Blockchain, as a technology is neither good nor bad, it's completely neutral. It has its applications.

But, like every technology, it's becoming a golden hammer, used for everything. And a good technology used for bad cases leads to problems.

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@drq @stux @gabek Just thinking, what where the other "big new things" that were abused like that? I can only remember "The Cloud", everything had to be connected with it.

@Natanox Electricity, radiation, computers, telephone, the Internet, cloud computing, AI and neural networks.

Almost any new technology goes through the hype cycle


@stux @gabek

@Natanox How could I forget steam engines and the use of fossil fuel also.

@stux @gabek

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