Drivers for this landed in the Linux 5.18 yesterday.

Are we going to just ignore this?

@drq no. My next server is going to be an AMD. Same with my next laptop.


@rysiek I wish it were so easy.

AMD is generally a "good guy" (or... gal?) only by virtue of being an underdog. When they come up on top, their behavior changes rapidly, and not for the better.

No big corp is your friend.

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@drq @rysiek Maybe so, but they're in no immediate danger of being so "on top" that they get as arrogant as Intel has over the past decade or three.

@drq absolutely. But I also need computing devices, and I have to work within a particular crappy world. I can try to change it a bit here and there, but CPU design happens not to be my forte. 🤷‍♀️

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