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Жители Дагестана избили членов уик за фальсификацию выборов

Белорусский суд: наличие у обвиняемого адвоката свидетельствует о его виновности и о заблаговременном планировании преступления, являясь отягчающим обстоятельством.

Нет, это не шутка и не утрирование. Реальные сулебные постановления.

Силовиков, которые брызнули пенсионерке в лицо слезоточивым газом и прострелили ей руку, наказывать не стали

@rf Рабочий стол-тред)) Кидайте свои рабочие столы :3

У меня тут elementaryOS. Модифицированная тема padOS (добавлена тема plank из темы WhiteSur) и иконки WhiteSur.

Dolphin runs at 720/60 even on my 5-year-old laptop with integrated gfx, if people need more reasons not to buy the new mario rom collection

@gekko my favorite example of "reality is unrealistic" is how the movie Gladiator was going to have the gladiators do product placement for contemporary Roman products and services, but audiences would never accept it as authentic even though it happened IRL

Very often historical films actually exclude certain details because, though they may have actually occurred, they seem too exaggerated to be true.

I learned today that there is actually a name for this in film production: the Tiffany Problem. It comes from the idea that naming a character Tiffany in, say, the 14th Century, feels out of place. But the truth is that the name Tiffany has origins in 12th Century Greece. So it's entirely likely to be true.


Just discovered MNT Reform laptops via @librelounge :

According to Lukas Hartmann, you should be able to swap in CPU replacements (!) as well as have FPGA CPU and GPU (!), which should enable you to download and verify your CPU architecture!

So crazy and so much the right thing to do!

Link to the Libre Lounge episode:

@maruff Digital content is non-rivalrous in the sense that the supply is not reduced through consumption. The marginal cost of making a copy is near zero, and the original is still accessible. Consequently the #lida103 question is why apply restrictive "all rights reserved" copyright to digital learning materials? One possible answer is corporate control to generate artificial scarcity from an abundant resource. .../3

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@maruff Copying content and claiming it as your own is ethically wrong - That's plagiarism and I can understand why you find it difficult to agree that copying is not theft .../2 #lida103

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@maruff The "Copying is not Theft" video is intentionally provocative. We included this in #lida103 as a catalyst to think deeper about the rationale and motivations for "applying" copyright on digital resources .../1

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