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I mean, it still beats setting up OpenLDAP by hand, but it has its own pile of bullshit on top. Poor documentation is still a thing.

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It's supposed to be a standard, but it's really arcane and, in places, very ugly, and there's not much good documentation on it, and some that does exist comes from early 2000-s and barely works for today.

In other words, it's so... enterprise.

I thought packages like FreeIPA could ease the pain, but no.

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The person who was setting up a conference session to discuss #Linux maintainer overwork and ways to address it couldn’t attend due to… burnout:

I can very much relate to the account of what their daily life looks like.

#FreeSoftware #maintainership

You guys spam me with boosts and favourites today so much I can't relax and play. Gonna put Mastodon tab on mute 😜

Да почему меня сегодня все репостят как не в себя

Что случилось с OpenLDAP в 2021 году, что теперь хрен сыщешь нормальный мануал о том, как его настроить для централизованной авторизации пользователей в веб-сервисах?

Всё ещё в поисках нормального мана, если что.

The only thing worse than a get-rich-quick-scheme is a get-rich-quick-programming-paradigm. #snarks

This is the ideal network security. You may not like it but this is what peak security looks like.

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