Drafting a comprehensive email signature snippet that is #standards based, including contacts for WWW, postal mail, TZ, email, phone, Matrix, etc.

How to include a #Mastodon account? #Fediverse #ActivityPub


@downey It's like... IM / Jabber / xmpp... 😣

I'd personally prefer the protocol in a signature, i.e. ActivityPub. Same way as it'd be better with xmpp...
But most often that confuses more than brings clarity.

At the same time Mastodon is like to write Gajim or even Ejabberd in a jabber address. Too narrow.

So the remaining option is Fediverse, same as Jabber. It shows the general direction, possibility to connect, identify the area to look for you... at the same time human-readable enough.
The logic is that I can use any tool/way to access Fediverse (Mastodon, Pleroma, Pixelfed, whatever), and I'm not too techy to think about the protocol inside (whether it's AP, xmpp or other).

That is Fediverse then.

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