WhatsApp is basically just glorified XMPP hosted by Facebook

@koyuchan Now you reminded me it was once possible to run Facebook Chat on XMPP-compatible clients. Old times.

@ivan @koyuchan That I remember too. It required some shenanigans about SRV records to make it work with Gajim or Miranda but it was possible and I had contacts on my roster to use it with.

Google fucked the instant messenger game spectacularly. I'm not saying they're perfect but I'd rather use it over anything branded by Facebook.

@lukem @ivan Google's consumer messenger (using the RCS standard) is now Android Messages and their consumer video-calling app is Google Duo, both end-to-end encrypted and mobile apps. I don't think they're having things for the desktop really, just web apps. There's also Google Workspaces for a more meaty experience which is based on Google Talk/Hangouts.

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