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So... Now you can donate me some money if you like my memes, so I'll be able to buy my meds, cat toys and food. :blobcatadorable: Mostly meds, actually. And rent. and
Thanks to everyone who interacts with me, I really appreciate your boosts, favs and comments! :ablobcatrave:
Boost pls

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Six thousand cat memes in my head, do you even know who are you messing with, mouse?

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Hello! I'm your cat-loving mentally unstable friendly russian neighbor :ablobcathyper:
I collect funny, interesting and beautiful pics since middle school and upload them to social networks. Somehow my fedi account has the biggest number of followers - love you all! :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

- kitties!
- memes in russian. I try to translate them if I can, help me improve my English if you see any mistakes
- beautiful stuff.


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