@kotik The Confederate flag next to "Police Lives Matter" says a lot. I can't believe people are still proud of that damn thing.

tbf, most people find the pictured folks insufferable as well.

A person worth talking to is gonna have a lot going on, and the political can be a piece of it, but hopefully isn't all of it because not only does it make them insufferable, it makes them boring.

I know some close friends who "stay in the closet" not out of some fear of being oppressed, but because they noticed that "coming out" too early after meeting someone meant that people only considered the one part of their lives and everything else about them got the volume turned down.

"There's Roger, he's gay" -- You know, besides the trivia of who Roger is attracted to, he's an archeologist who has spend his life travelling to interesting places and uncovering the hidden history of mankind; His parents were in a rock band that was a local success and he has lots of stories of hanging out with rock and roll legends as a kid; He worked on a famous TV show as an minor character; He runs a successful youtube channel; He's published a lot of high impact papers that changed the way people look at history; He speaks four languages; He does hiking and rock climbing and has some really interesting stories about being all around the world...

But no...

There's Roger, he's gay.

@kotik as someone from southern US, we do not make being Southern our personality.

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