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@minimalism four pictures of a small islet with three small red houses with steel sheet roofs, a meadow between them, and some trees. On the first picture, the trees have no leaves and the islet looks brownish; on the second picture there is snow all over the islet and the water around it is frozen; on the third picture the trees are coloured in all kinds of red, yellow and orange hues, and on the last picture the whole islet is a lush green.

@JonathanMBR A nice picture set which shows how extremely the seasons change nature in the Northern Hemisphäre!

@minimalism this looks like that norwegian isle where the tragedy happened more than a decade ago.


ow wow, I guess it's hard to find the same angle four times.

@minimalism Am I the only one who would be afraid with all that water around? Not much Land to walk on. 😳😬

Looks stunning though!

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