doing python thing: eating 10gb of ram and entering uninterruptable sleep state :blobcatstop:
"The idea at the time (1998 or so) was that Guile's module system would crystallize the mass of Scheme code out there. It didn't happen exactly like that; in practice ice-9 is Guile's namespace."

люблю подобные отсылки :blobcatreading:

в федиверсе "футуристическая штука из будущего"

на моей машине: тесты падают, потому что в пути есть симлинка.

Guix has made it into Debian Unstable! This means Debian users can use Guix as a "userspace" package manager now!

This is really wonderful! Debian and Guix both care deeply about reproducibility.

This could be a big win for user freedom on both (cotd ...)

@cadadr it's not as much a platform level problem as critical perception problem.

Once upon a time, people didn't took whatever they read on the Internet on faith.


Microsoft has spoken!

As previously stated, your IPs do not qualify for mitigation at this time. I do apologize, but I am unable to provide any details about this situation since we do not have the liberty to discuss the nature of the block.

We regret that we are unable to provide any additional information or assistance at this time.

Best regards, Deliverability Support
😡 So after yet another try, we ended up with the same template reply 😠

когда мезозой заканчивается, камни оживают.

@aeonofdiscord @technomancy automake looked into /dev/null, and /dev/null looked back

> The star cluster evolution code Evolve Me A Cluster of StarS (EMACSS) is a simple yet physically motivated computational model that describes the evolution of some fundamental properties of star clusters in static tidal fields

looks like implementation worth trying :blobcatwhatsthis:

Dark Matter in a Simulated Universe

Illustration Credit & Copyright: Tom Abel & Ralf Kaehler (KIPAC, SLAC), AMNH #APoD

Остается только переименовать Electron в bottom quark и подождать пару пикосекунд чтобы он уже распался наконец.

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