#microG Services Core v0.2.19.211515 was released yesterday.

This release contains a few fixes for apps using Exposure Notifications, Location or Firebase Auth.

Download: microg.org/download.html


1) where microG :(
2) I was trying to use F-droid repo, but it always gives me signature error. Is this FoxyDroid (client) problem, or broken repo?
3) You're great anyway :ablobcatheart:

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@termonoid @microg hi all, i was not able to find the New Version in F-droid, too.

Thanks for your work and i hope you can help.

@Pancuronium @termonoid @microg in f-droid it often hinds behind unifiedNLP. See the version number

1) Maybe try clearing your browser cache. Works fine here.
2) Make sure signature spoofing is enabled and microG self-check is all good

1) okay, I'll try
2) I have installed version, with signature spoofing enabled, but I can't update it with FoxyDroid. It says: "this version is signed with different signature, uninstall your version first". Maybe it happens because signature spoofing. I will try with official F-droid client little later

@termonoid @larma I guess you installed microG with a flashable installer? Some time ago those installers had unofficial microG versions. Maybe you should flash an updated version of your installer first.

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