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And for the record: I don't have a dog in a fight over his position at FSF. I don't think of this position as an actual position of power. FSF hasn't made any serious political decision in years - and they don't really need to, and FSF without RMS worked just as fine as with him.

So I don't really care if he comes back as any kind of chair in the FSF or not.

It's more of a mascot role by now.

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Say what you will about RMS (and yes I'm aware of his more sinister sides), when it comes to the part that actually defines Free Software movement, the guy really does practice what he preaches.
He made a principle out of not using anything that runs proprietary software (including the BIOSes and firmwares), and not using anything that could infringe on the privacy. Even if it means inconvenience, he does not give the proprietary a fucking inch.

If we're going to choose another person to be the face of the Free Software movement, it has to be at least someone as principled and stubborn in their stand as RMS is. Does anyone know another person that would agree to live like this?

It's Free Software, goddammit, not Open Source.

Someone has to keep telling the world that.

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Линус высказал своё мнение о Rust в ядре


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