@yogthos what do you even do with this sort of money?
I mean, okay, I can imagine what I'd do with million(s): I'd fuck off somewhere to hack on cool projects without having to worry about food on my table. If I had billion(s), I'd start building rockets, okay, that's cool, space exploration is a worthy cause, it being an ultimate goal for humanity. Or new generations of nuclear reactors and renewable energy generators to kick the climate change right in the dick. Or start projects to get everybody in the world sheltered AND online so those who need it the most could get educated, and their voices could be heard. Big stuff.

A trillion's just too much to comprehend. I don't have any context for this number. It's just a dick measuring contest at this point.

And I haven't seen any rockets from Bezos either.

@drq @yogthos BlueOrigin is Bezos' entry in the space penis measuring contest.

@rysiek @drq the reality is that these people don't really have any idea how to spend all that money, even masturbatory stuff like BlueOrigin can't burn through it fast enough.

I see this as a mental disorder like gambling. They're just addicted to increasing their wealth for the sake of doing it. There's no other goal there.

I also think they don't think about their wealth in absolute, but rather measure relative difference with other billionaires. It's never enough.

@yogthos @rysiek @drq Well, some people like collecting stamps, some like coding and others like to invest and make money. Keep in mind that quite often without these rich people you would not have also good things because they took a risk to put their money, etc. It is easy to simply see one side of that coin.Of course there are issues behind and some rich people are just bad guys, who abuse power, etc.But it is not like being poor is equal to be good

@copyme @rysiek @drq it's dangerously ignorant to claim that rich people are rich and successful because they took risk or did hard work. The reality is that it's just a birth lottery system.

And exploiting people to produce capital is hardly a hobby I would call ethical. It's like saying serial killers have a hobby of hunting and killing people.



@yogthos @copyme For the record, I don't really have a problem with somebody being rich. If you won big - good for you, nice porsche you got there.

But the thing is, the games are not only about if you've won. They are also about how you did it. That's why there are rules to most games.

I have only praise for people who worked hard their whole lives for their money, or invented something nobody ever even thought they need and got rich because of that.

The 99% of cases are _not that_. Vast majority of billionaires got rich either by inheritance, or by hiring people to do shit for them and then cheaping out on them as far as they would allow, or via invented wealth like investment bubbles syphoning money that were never there in the first place, which is effectively an elaborate scam, or monopolizing some industry using patents, copyrights or exclusive deals, in which case you don't have to be better than others - you just have to be richer than other motherfuckers.


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@drq @yogthos @copyme here's the thing: it's impossible to become a billionaire only through hard honest work.

@copyme @drq @yogthos You're asking me to prove a negative, and that's not a thing. I have not seen a billionaire that has made their money without exploiting the workers or doing some serious stock market shenanigans.

Anyway, I am not up for a deep conversation about this. So... take it or leave it, I guess. 🙂

@copyme @rysiek @drq first read the study I linked, then take a look at the exploitative working conditions at capitalist work places. Amazon is a perfect example. Jeff Bezos isn't rich because of his hard work. He's rich because he aggressively exploits his employees. for profit.

If you think there's lacking proof for this, then you're just showing your personal ignorance because proof is abundant and easily accessible.

@yogthos @copyme And if they did something great and useful with that money, something that would benefit everyone, well, that probably would be commendable, depending on who you ask.

But no, in the same 99% of cases that's not even "the ends justifies the means" story, they just use this money... to get more money! It's a feedback loop, and it's borderline insanity.


@drq @yogthos @copyme @rysiek Money is power, and nobody should have that much of either. Sure, the "good king" is better than the bad one, but kings are still a thing we should reject.

@drq @yogthos @copyme @rysiek

The way I have always framed it to other people. You can only say you earned the money ethically if you didn't exploit someone's labour for it.

People quickly realise that most profit can only come through exploitation which is required to really grow.

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